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T-Plus bvba
Nele Galle
Wakkenstraat 28
B-8720 Markegem
Mob: +32 495 57 24 48
Tel: +32 51 63 35 48

Open every weekday:
from 8.30h to 12.30h
from 13.00h to 16.30h




T-Plus is the European sales agency for ECOFLAX®, the pure flax straw that is produced in Normandy. The sales of this vegetable stable bedding with an unrivalled comfort for horses is centralised in Belgium. There are various reasons for a T-Plus sales agency in Belgium:

  • Central location in Europa:
    T-Plus is located in Belgium, near to all major ECOFLAX® markets: the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Benelux countries.
  • Multi-lingual service:
    T-Plus customers are serviced in their own language: English, French, German or Dutch.
  • Know-how:
    This sales agency is managed by a team that has a profound knowledge of both the flax industry and the flax straw market.