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First use:

  • Clean the box thoroughly, disinfect and rinse abundantly with water
  • Disperse a thick layer on a moist underground
    • 4 bales for a box of 3 x 3 m
    • 6 bales for a box of 4 x 4



Remove the horse droppings with a special stable bedding fork (available in many shops) on a daily basis.



  • Remove the urine spots and the wettest part of the stable bedding.
  • Disperse one extra bale to keep the volume stable.
  • Remove the complete stable bedding every 10 to 12 weeks, clean the box thoroughly and disperse new stable bedding.



When shifting from traditional straw to ECOFLAX® stable bedding, it is advisable to give the horses a small portion of straw or hay. The sudden shift from eatable to non-eatable stable bedding may bother some horses.



  • Pressed bags of 120 liter / 20 kilogram
  • Pallet of 80x120x255 cm > 21 bags


Transport conditions:

  • By lorry (with large trailer)
    Between 1 and 33 pallets of 80 x 120 cm (disposable pallets) or 21 bags of 20 kg.
    A fork-lift truck should be avaible for unloading.
  • By small-sized lorry (with tail lift)
    Between 1 and 12 pallets of 80 x 120 cm (disposable pallets) of 21 bags of 20 kg.