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Flax straw based on pure flax

  • 100% natural flax
  • Dust-free
  • Unrivalled comfort
  • Super absorbing
  • Fertile dung


  • ECOFLAX® is a completely dust free stable bedding.
  • ECOFLAX® is cost-efficient because you need 70% less compared to straw.
  • ECOFLAX® avoids the forming of ammonia during at least 8 weeks and ensures that the horses are always on a dry surface. The stable bedding absorbs up to 450% of its own volume.
  • ECOFLAX® saves efforts because removal is much easier.
  • Horses don’t like ECOFLAX®, so they won’t eat it, unless they are extremely hungry or if they are really bored. While you are filling the box, it is advisable to give the horses some straw or hay to distract them.
  • ECOFLAX® is the best stable bedding for horses that have problems with their airways or that are sensitive to allergies.
  • ECOFLAX® saves time and money.
  • 70% less dung than with straw. ECOFLAX® breaks down quickly to Ph-neutral dung which can easily be dispersed.